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At Pure FITNESS Derby we offer a unique combination of the best gym equipment, an inclusive environment and expert knowledge. We are a family run business where our clients come first.

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PureFITNESS Testimonials

Oliver Perretta, Derby

Age: 23 Time at Pure: 1 year, 1 month

I’ve been going to pure fitness for just over a year now and have seen progress in both my physical and mental health. The gym itself is a great place to train and spend time, and seems to have come a very long way since I have been a member. James, Alex and the rest of the team are always available for help and advice, and are constantly pushing to make the gym a more interesting, knowledgeable and engaging place to be. There’s something for everyone there, whether it be strength training, combat, circuit training, bodyweight or mobility. The classes in particular are fantastic, and great value; pushing you out of your comfort zone and vastly improving your fitness and endurance. For anyone who’s looking for a gym at a reasonable price, with a great team and loads of variation, I would highly recommend Pure Fitness!

Marco Orru, Derby

Well what to say... By far one of the best, if not the best gyms in the area.. It's not just a gym its a place to go and gain knowledge and speak to experts. It's a place where the management do every little thing to make it a better place for the people who go and use the equipment - They are always looking for improvements and being a better place overall. Very friendly people and always there to help yet not in your face. It's a place where you feel comfortable and confident.

Henry Simkin, Derby

Pure fitness is not your usual high-street gym. It is without a doubt the best gym I have been to; well equipped, plenty of well thought-out classes, knowledgeable staff and a friendly atmosphere. This is the first gym I have been to where as a man, classes haven’t felt off-putting and are welcoming to all. The variety and abundance of equipment means you’re always able to get on with your workout and if you’re unsure there’s always a PT on hand. The knowledge that the PTs have is fantastic and they are always happy to stop and give you more information/guidance. If you have a goal, the team will make sure you reach it…all you have to do it turn up and put in the effort. Going to the gym has become a habit and I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t go along.

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